Spotting a terrorist is easy. They look just like you.

This sign is common on London buses and trains. It seems the same can be said of terrorists. My latest blog on MIT’s CoLab Radio explores the shock of terrorism being committed on our streets – and the streets of Boston – by people who are, superficially at least, “one of us”.  >>read the full post.

NB Since publishing this post I received the following message from the person who was at high school with Dzokar Tsarnaev and whose prom photo I provide a link to in the post. He says:

“Good luck on your piece, but be sensitive to the fact that while he stands out in this picture, this is not an accurate representation of our entire “group of friends”, in reality we are far more diverse. And in a normal day to day setting, Jahar didn’t stand out from the group like he does here.” 

After my initial messages, I haven’t been able to find a way to publish a reply on your site, so if you are reading this, please accept my warmest thanks for your permission to link to the photograph you published on your site. I wish you and your friends a long life of peace and trust and hope that you will be able to find a way to make something – anything – good come out of the nightmare you’ve been through.




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