Do you see what I see? [A plundering of Cmdr Chris Hadfield’s space-tweets]

Strange how the slow flow of glacial ice
becomes more visible from here
So far away.

Dust blows
from what was once
the Aral Sea floor.

A heraldic Spring dragon of ice roars rampant
off the coast of Newfoundland.

Manila in the evening
Her formidable port
Visible from orbit…

The open pits gleam with blue from space…
Doing their best to light the universe on the dark side of the earth.

Mississippi delta – heartland topsoil
Flowing relentlessly
Into the Gulf
Of Mexico.

Big and little
Ambergis Cay
On the blue edge of the abyss
…like a trilobite in the night.

Pillowy farms of Eastern Europe
tidily etched in snow.

16 sunrises a day…
…Between quiet volcanoes.

The yin and yang of ice and land…
Just far enough apart
To give Darwin something to think about.

A Dali watch on an alligator wristband.

One hour, nine minutes to touchdown.
…like being born in reverse.

It’s so strange to talk and feel the weight of my lips and tongue
Scarecrow on a tilt table
To measure how.

To some this may look like  a sunset
But it’s a new dawn.

Sabita Banerji – 17 May 2013


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